This website traces the origin of the Sambells surname from 980 AD in France with English heritage since 1154 AD. Some of the early French surname variants include Candavene and Saint Pol, while the early English variants include de Sancto Paulo and Saint Paul. Later English surname variants include Sympele, Sympelle, Semple/s, Samble/s, and Sambell/s.


And is it like this in the homeland Mother?
Is the grass so green and the sky so big?
And is the sea so blue in the homeland Mother,
The land where our fathers rest,
Resting in the grave ‘neath the granite cross
Looking forever to the far horizon.


Welcome to the Sambells Family Genealogy website.

Sambells Family Genealogy website was developed in Dec 2011. It was designed to provide a venue where family historians can help each other to document and share our common family history. Appealing to both the novice and serious researcher this website provides guidelines to help identify the lineage of our ancestors.

Getting your research started: Research Guidelines are provided to show you how to find online resources including databanks, message boards, and mailing lists. The most useful types of English records are described. A custom set of links are provided to give you direct access to several of the most productive free-to-use and pay-to-use websites for searching for our Cornish and Devon ancestors. Suggestions for recording data are offered along with an explanation of the genealogical proof standards used to authenticate findings.

Unregistered visitors will enjoy access to the public domain information including origins of the clan; biographies of noteworthy family members; immigrant family histories; tribute articles articles to servicemen; and guidelines for conducting successful searches of English records. Join us in discovering our common family history. It is an exciting endeavor and something to which we all can make a contribution.

Registered members will have access to the “Family Files” section. This section will contain descendant pedigree charts, a family person index, and a family photo gallery. To gain access to this area you must become a member. There are no membership fees. However, one restriction is that you must be a member of the family.

If you would like to join please complete the registration form and explain your link to the Sambell/s family. If your research indicates you may possibly have a kinship relation to the Sambell/Sambells/Sambles clan please email details of your ancestor to the website curator – Frank Sambells – through this website contact address. Your information will be verified and you may become a registered family member.

Registered family members will also enjoy this website as an interactive forum providing opportunities for online sharing of genealogy information. Queries and discussions through posted messages will help us all to pursue our individual research efforts by drawing on the expertise of others. A researcher’s chart will provide you with an overview of family history records assembled by others. A contact list will provide you with the opportunity to communicate with people researching various branches of the international clan. A variety of collaborative projects will include items such as a family photo gallery, DNA research project, and a family crest project.

Expectations of Registered Members

Although this site was created to encourage and promote the collaborative research of our family history it is clearly understood that our individual efforts will be sporadic. After all genealogy research, the writing of family history and the development of family photo albums are activities which make good hobbies and are occupations for only a very few people. Consequently, there is no expectation that all registered members actively participate on a regular basis.

This website may be useful to you as a resource of information to encourage your own research efforts and make them more successful. It may also be used to post the results of your successful research or stories which contribute to recording of the Sambell/s family history. It would also be of benefit to everyone if you were available to offer short periods of time to work on projects to improve and expand this website content. We welcome new ideas suggestions and revisions of existing content. Please encourage your paternal and maternal relatives to view and participate in the activities of this website.

We look forward to making the SFG website an engaging forum to help others discover their roots within the global community of the Sambell/s family.

To forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source,

a tree without a root.

Chinese Proverb


5 Responses to Welcome

  1. bml.cooper

    January 5, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    First of all, Frank, let me say the new Sambell website is awesome and generating a lot of interest among our branch of the family based in London, Ontario. It’s also a bit intimidating, it’s so good. I’m a bit worried about the genealogy standards, so please be frank in telling me what needs to be done. I also don’t understand the GEDCOM

  2. bml.cooper

    January 5, 2012 at 1:47 pm

    Sorry – the above got posted before I was ready. As I was saying, I don’t understand the GEDCOM files, but am willing to learn. I am e-mailing you some files and some pictures about our Canadian immigrant family. As I answered the survey for founding members, I wanted to polish up what I had on our most prominent member (Ted Sambell), and review the artefacts in our possession. I have also forwarded the war service record in WWIof our earliest immigrant, and family letters from WWII. Thanks for what you’ve done for the Sambells. Mary Lois Cooper

  3. frank

    January 10, 2012 at 7:24 pm

    I am glad to hear that your branch of the family is enjoying the website. Thank you for sending your collection of documents about your family history. I posted your story of the immigrant family of Francis Poole Sambell in the newly revised section called Clan Branches. The vintage family photo and war pin artifact add a lot to the story. I added the magazine article about Ted Sambell to the biographies section and posted the abridged summary in the announcements to honour his 89th birthday. I am working with your submission of war letters by Rose Sambell, 1940-1941, and am adding some additional background information as a preface to each letter. This is a wonderful collection of WWII letters from the home front. I think I will post them in the Feature Articles section of the website.

    I understand your concerns about the GEDCOM files. It is my hope that all the vital statistics data related to births marriages and death can eventually be uploaded to the website when the Family Files section goes private. This will take some time to set up.
    I intend to explain the use and issues related to GEDCOM files in my February issue of the Curator’s Chronicle. I am in the process of preparing such a file of my own paternal pedigree back to 1566 as an example for those who do not yet use GEDCOM file programs. I will post an announcement in the future to let everyone know when that is available.

    Meanwhile keep the submissions coming. I am enjoying learning about other branches of the family clans and hope that others will follow your lead and begin to do the same.

  4. Ros

    January 29, 2012 at 6:36 am

    Hello and welcome to Geneabloggers. My ancestors also came from Devon and Cornwall, and I have a genealogy blog (GenWestUK) at

    I don’t think I am connected to any Sambells, but “never say never”! My surnames came from the Millbrook / St Germans / Cawsand / Kingsand area. My grandmother lived in Millbrook and I can remember taking the Torpoint ferry as a small girl.

    Ros Haywood

  5. Ros

    January 29, 2012 at 6:39 am

    Those were the surnames in Cornwall! (and I am beginning to find some in Mevagissey, as well). The Devon surnames are in the South Hams towns and Ottery St Mary (East Devon) – I am the Online Parish Clerk for Ottery St Mary and you can visit my site at

    Ros Haywood


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