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Sambells Family History

Sambells Family History is a self-published book printed by Art Book Bindery company in Winnipeg. I felt that the content is specific to only the Sambells clan and that a commercial production would force me into unwanted alternatives related the quality of the finished book. Consequently, I have made no attempt to cut corners concerning the expense of the book size, layout design, quality of paper and cover used to reproduce the illustrations. In addition, it is my intent to donate copies to a variety of libraries in Canada, England, United States, Australia and New Zealand where members of the clan live. For these reasons the price of the book may seem high and will be printed in limited numbers depending upon the total order requests. Please understand that a portion of the price of each book is supporting the cost of printing and mailing free copies to a selected number of libraries. However, I do feel strongly that this is the first authentic research on the origins of the Sambells clan ever written and will represent a significant starting point for any future extended research of additional branches of the clan. As the cover points out, the Sambells clan includes a number of variations in the spelling and form of the surname. Candavene, St Paul, Semple, Samble, Sambell are well represented in many different countries today.


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SAMPLE PAGES Note: The actual pages are 11″ x 8.5″ and are much wider than the compressed page images which appear next.

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Hopefully, the purchasers of this book will recognize that they too are contributing to fostering international family ties – the promotion of genealogy research – and the dissemination of authentic information which will enable future family historians to identify their own branches of our growing family tree.

Sambells Family History book costs $80.00 in Canadian funds + postage.

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• NOTE: Jan 17, 2017 The original order of 75 books have all been sold and accounted for. A new small run of 10 copies has been submitted with 5 of these remaining for sale.

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