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The nineteenth and twentieth centuries witnessed the emigration of several members of different branches of the Sambell/s clans from Cornwall, Devon and other parts of England to New Zealand, Australia, America and Canada. Descendents are encouraged to compile the genealogical records of these migrations and to write the story of their own ancestors who gave rise to the various international branches of the family which are alive and thriving in the world today.


This Archive section serves as the website library for the publication of transcripts of original records relating to the history of the Sambell/s families. The collection of documents will include personal letters of correspondence, certificates of military service, apprenticeship & indenture records, land deeds, wills and probates etc.


Biographical stories of interest might relate to noteworthy persons who made considerable achievements or public contributions during their life time, or were pioneer settlers, or gave their life during a war. These stories would acknowledge the efforts and sacrifice that our ancestors made as they sought to achieve a more secure and prosperous life for their children.

Wills and Probate Records

Dec. 13 2013 – Currently these pages are under construction.

  • By the end of Jan 2014 I will post my transcriptions of over a dozen wills which I have collected from the Cornwall Records Office during my visits there in 2012 and 2013. These are wills from the 1600’s and 1700’s. The information posted will include a complete transcript along with additional notes about the family relationships each will presents. I have also traced the earliest paternal ancestor of each will so that the reader may determine if the person mentioned in the will represents their own branch of the family tree.

Feature Articles

Other special interest stories might involve explaining discoveries you have made in your own research; the methods and records you used; problems or stumbling blocks you have encountered; or new discoveries made.

Research Projects

An opportunity is provided here for family historians to collaborate on a variety of investigative topics relevant to our collective research efforts.


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