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Accessing Online Record Indexes of The Cornwall Records Office (CRO)

Cornwall Archives and Cornish Studies Service is comprised of Cornwall Record Office and the Cornish Studies Library. Its basic function is to celebrate and promote the written and printed heritage of Cornwall, and ensure that it is preserved and made available so that individuals and communities, now and in the future, have access to these fantastic collections.

Cornwall Record Office (CRO) was established by Cornwall County Council in 1951 and cares for the largest archive collection in the county, with environmentally-controlled strongrooms holding over four miles of records, dating from the 12th century to the present day.   The CRO provides a professional archive service for Cornwall. Its main purpose is to ensure that the archives relating to the people, places and organisations of Cornwall are preserved for the future and made available, where possible, for public consultation. Surprisingly there are a considerable number of documents including wills, apprenticeship statements, tenant lease agreements that include Sambell/s.

To access the searchable archives catalogue of the Cornwall Record Office go to the Cornwall Council page by clicking on the link in the top menu bar or at

To conduct an online search for Sambell/s related materials do the following:

  1. Select  “Online catalogues”  (from the underlined menu options in middle of page.)
  2. Select “CRO online catalogue”   (from the underlined menu options in the middle of the page.)
  3. Select “Search catalogue”  (from the left side of the page.)
  4. Then enter your search words in the appropriate boxes. 

Please note, if you enter “Sambells” as a search word it will only identify Sambells used in the titles of documents.  If you enter a wildcard such as “Sambells*” it will identify any Sambells within the entire documents.  Remember to carry out separate searches for other spelling variations.  (See menu for Spelling variations)

Any finds made will automatically appear and listed in numeric order.  Click on the list number to the left of the reference number and a summary description of the document and its contents will appear.    However, these documents have not been fully digitized so you will not be provided with a complete transcript of its contents.  At least this will serve to help you build a resource file of potential documents that may be of use in shedding light upon people places and events in the lives of the Sambell/s you are researching.  The original documents may be viewed by you at the CRO in Truro Cornwall free of charge.


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